A Lifetime Advantage

Learning how to get along with others offers a lifetime advantage!

“Based on 30+ years of a vast and vigorous scientific exploration into human co-existence.

Gimpy’s Secret is the entry level introduction to the concepts and discoveries of that research.” E.H. McLellan

“This book is more than a read, it is an experience…  a powerful message.”Laurette Lynn, author, speaker, home education advocate, founder/host of Unplugged Mom Radio.

“Creative, captivating and inspirational for all ages…”-Jim A. Oldham, Superintendent, TN School for the Blind.

“Wow, … a masterpiece…!”-Dan Ohler, ACC, Canada

“Gimpy delivers powerful life education for adults and kids…”-Valerie Stuart, Windhorse Care.

“A timeless piece of art…”-Hannington Goldin, Commercial Pilot, Norway

 Finally and for the first time  a blueprint for getting along with one another;  not only in our closest relationships but in all our encounters!

Re-thinking preconceived ideas about the subject matter becomes an exciting adventure.

Loved, and quickly grasped, by children yet simple enough for adults, Gimpy’s Secret is not just “kid’s” stuff! It is the underpinning upon which the solutions for the future will be built.

  • Thought Provoking

  • Spellbinding and captivating

  • 40 fabulous professional illustrations

This book will absolutely benefit some people in an extraordinary way!  It just may change your life!
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We instinctively feel that something is  missing.  Gimpy’s readers absolutely know what that is!

  • Their lives are more joyful

  • They have an incredible advantage

  • They know ‘how to’ get along with others

Gimpy’s readers say it best

Gimpy’s Secret…it’s what’s missing, is:

Fun to read.  Easy to remember.

Cleverly disguised as a children’s book…yet simple enough for adults.

It’s more than just ‘kid’s stuff!’

Gimpy’s readers say it best!


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