Gimpy's Secret. . . It's what's missing!

It never should have been a secret

If you believe that LOVE is the greatest force in the Universe.....this is for you...

A simple story revealing the face of Love, what it looks like and how it works!

This book is a primary and simplified introduction to the newly discovered science of Love.

Gimpy's Secret

Absolutely the best gift ever, period!

This story is loved by children and adults world wide!

Gimpy's Secret: It's What's Missing | $14.95 (free shipping)

“. . . more than a read, it is an experience. . . a powerful message.”

Laurette Lynn

Author, Speaker

“Creative, captivating and inspirational for all ages”

Jim A. Oldham

Superintendent, TN School for the Blind

“Gimpy's Secret delivers powerful life education for adults and kids”

Valerie Stuart

Windhorse Care

“A timeless piece of art”

Hannington Goldin

Commercial Pilot, Norway