A Lifetime Advantage

“…trying to get along with others without this information; is like trying to tell time without your watch!”  James Norman


Fun to read! Easy to remember!


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Loved, and quickly grasped by children,

yet simple enough for adults!


Gimpy’s readers tell us:


  • Their lives are more joyful

  • They have an incredible advantage

  • They know “how to” get along with others

  • They know what’s  wrong when things fall apart

  • They know how Love works!


“… more than a read, it is an experience…  a powerful message.”Laurette Lynn, author, speaker.

“Creative, captivating and inspirational for all ages…”-Jim A. Oldham, Superintendent, TN School for the Blind.

Gimpy’s Secret, delivers powerful life education for adults and kids…”-Valerie Stuart, Windhorse Care.

“A timeless piece of art…”-Hannington Goldin, Commercial Pilot, Norway

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