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Exciting News From Gimpy

Gimpy is offering his Kindle book as a FREE gift      5 days only.  (Sat 9/29 – Wed 10/03) Share the link below with your family and friends so they  can get their FREE gift from you. Gimpy invites you to assist him in spreading this positive move toward Love. Here’s how it works.  You receive a FREE gift…

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A Special Request

By now you have read Gimpy’s Secret, and have had time to think about the message. Would you take a few minutes to tell Gimpy and me (Ellen) what effect this information has had on your life? Tell us how you now see Love. Do you see things differently? Can you tell when Love is being violated by others…

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It’s what’s missing

 Feedback from Gimpy’s readers provides the fairest and most objective description of my work.  Most of us realize that something is, indeed, missing. Very few know what it is. Gimpy’s readers absolutely know what has been missing! Gimpy’s Secret…  is  based on 30 years of exhaustive scientific research about the ways we get along with one another, and is…

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