Gimpy’s Secret… it’s what’s missing!

The book that had to be written!


This book is a primary introduction to the newly discovered science of Love; the foundation upon which the construction of a new era must rest

Revealing the face of Love, how it looks and how it works!

The information in this book, is  NOT  opinion.  It is based on vast and vigorous research on exactly and precisely how people get along with one another… and what happens when they don’t!

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Absolutely the best gift ever, period!!

This story is loved by children and adults worldwide!

What we all wish we would have learned in third grade!

We get 1000’s of letters!

A sampling of letters from Gimpy's smallest fans



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Gimpy's Secret

Fun to read, easy to remember

“… more than a read, it is an experience…  a powerful message.”– Laurette Lynn, author, speaker.

“Creative, captivating and inspirational for all ages…”-Jim A. Oldham, Superintendent, TN School for the Blind.

Gimpy’s Secret, delivers powerful life education for adults and kids…”-Valerie Stuart, Windhorse Care.

“A timeless piece of art…”-Hannington Goldin, Commercial Pilot, Norway

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Gimpy's Secret

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