“Bless the Beasts and the Children”

Rudderville, TN

The children, dear God, the children!

We are posting our Christmas blog with a heavy heart.  It is difficult to feel hopeful for the future right now. It almost feels like time to give up and give in. But we can not! We may not and we will not! Instead, It is time! Time to refuse to be part of the violent culture we have allowed to grow up around us.

As long as our politicians bully, demean, curse, hurt and defame one another; as long as Hollywood praises and displays violence in every possibly conceivable way, as long as our Country bombs, burns and kills innocents in the name of legalized war…… encourages mothers to abort their unborn in the name of ‘reproductive rights’ …how, please tell me how, are our children going to learn HOW to act with respect and reverence for life?

Hate abounds, even our churches spew it from the pulpit…. we are in big trouble and it is not the politicians that are going to ‘fix’ it. It is YOU and ME, one person at a time learning the structure of love and living this new science of Love…

Let us resolve, together that we will not tolerate the status quo. We can’t fix ‘them’ but we can fix us, each of us, within our own families, and our own circles. One at a time…..just like a beach;  made of tiny individual particles, each contributing its all to the beauty and vastness.

“… only the power of unbounded love practiced in regard to all human beings can defeat the forces of interhuman strife, and can prevent the pending extermination of man by man, on this planet. Without love, no armament, no war, no diplomatic machinations, no coercive police force, no school education, no economic or political measures, …can prevent the pending catastrophe. Only love can accomplish this miracle, PROVIDING, however, we know well the nature of love and the efficient ways of its production, accumulation and use.” Pitrim A. Sorokin

Now we KNOW how to do this. It is the move toward educated Love. It is learning to Love like we know what we’re doing…

Our wish is that you will experience the giving and receiving of unbounded Love during this Christmas season and that you will become resolute in your fight against the darkness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From:

Gimpy, Ellen, Grandma, Grandpa and all.

I am thinking of these words from a while back, “…bless the beasts and the children for in this world they have no voice, they have no choice.”

Please send love and prayers to the suffering families in CT


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