How Are Things Going?

It’s been a while since the last post. Life got in the way. Glorious, terrible, then glorious life, over and over again.

One thing has remained steady and unchanging, each person still wants to be respected and to be the recipient of the positive actions of LOVE.

We hear a lot about compassion and empathy these days. These are good feelings to have but, they are NOT actions. These feelings are to compel us to act!

How do we deliver compassion, empathy, care, kindness, nurturing, etc? Do you know the 10 actions (and there are only 10)?

Gimpy knows!

See if you can come up with an action that cannot be categorized under one of these:

Attentiveness, Listening, Thanking, Praising, Encouraging, Comforting, Assisting, Sharing, Contributing, Protecting.

Knowing how Love works and applying that knowledge will, one day, create peace on earth and the brotherhood of all humans.

There is no guarantee that our species will survive. Perhaps, before we reach the tipping point, we could try loving one another. Why not start now?

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